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Frequently Asked Questions about Indoor Gym Parties

Q: Where are the parties held?

A: Indoor parties are held at our 9,900 sq ft indoor jump gym located at 7312 Morton View Lane in Powell, TN 37849.

Q: Can I bring my own food?

A: Yes, you can! We can provide one-topping large pizzas, ice cream cups,  and drinks at an additional cost, or you can bring your own! You can add food options to your order at checkout when booking online, or give us a call at (865) 407-0111 or email us at allbounceevents@gmail.com and we would be glad to book your party and add on any of these options to your order!

Q: Can I bring my own decorations?

A: Yes, you can! We can provide balloons and/or themed decorations at an additional cost, or you can bring your own! You can add party decoration options to your order at checkout when booking online, or give us a call at (865) 407-0111 or email us at allbounceevents@gmail.com and we would be glad to book your party and add on any of these options to your order! We ask that you please refrain from bringing confetti or pinatas to your party. 

Q: Can I bring a costumed character or mascot to my party?

A: Yes, you can! However, if you choose to have a costumed character or mascot for an Open Play Party or a Semi-Private party, we do ask that the character or mascot stays in the reserved party room or party area for the entirety of your party as characters or mascots can be "scary" to some children and we do not want to upset any of our other party attendees. The character or mascot will not be allowed to walk around the arena floor or enter any of the inflatables. We do ask that you please give us advance notice prior to your party that you will be having a costumed character or mascot at your party so that we can be looking out for their arrival and can discretely escort them to their assigned party area or party room. You can let us know this information by emailing us at allbounceevents@gmail.com or by giving us a call at (865) 407-0111.

Q: Do you charge for adults?

A: No, we do not charge for adults. However, space is limited so please be sure to follow the adult number guidelines outline for each party size.  This is highly suggested to be able to accomodate all of your guests (adults and children) comfortably in the party area that is reserved for your group!

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes, a $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required on all orders. The $50 deposit is deducted from the total balance that is due for your party.  The remaining balance for your party will need to be paid at the front counter on the day of your party, before your party begins.  We accept cash, debit or credit cards. No checks please.

Q: How early can we arrive?

A: We ask that you arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before your party start time to meet our attendant and get your decorations and party area set up. Please encourage your guests to arrive at the party start time, as there may be another party wrapping up as you arrive.

Q:  What if we have a few more kids show up for our party than we expected?

A:  If you reserve a party and need just a handful of "extra" spots, we can accomodate that!  When you get here you will receive a wristband for each child that is going to be bouncing up to the number of kids in the party total. If you need extra wristbands for kids that are going to play but exceed your party total, you can purchase those at the front counter for $8 each.  Every child that bounces must wear a wristband.  Keep in mind purchasing extra wristbands does not change how many tables you will have for your party or whether or not you receive a private party room.  If you would like additional tables or a private party room you will need to upgrade to a different birthday party package.

Q: How long do my kids get to bounce during our party?

A: Each party is two hours long. We ask that you get everything you need to get done (bouncing, eating, and opening presents) done within the two hours of party time. Your party attendant will help to keep you on schedule so you can enjoy your party to its fullest and get everything done within the two hours of party time!

Q: Are the inflatables clean and safe?

A: Absolutely! We sanitize and inspect each unit at the beginning of each party day. For sanitary reasons, all kids and adults are required to wear socks on the arena floor and leave their shoes in the cubbies off the arena floor.  If you forget socks, they can be purchased at the front counter for $2/pair.

Q: What ages can bounce?

A: Our inflatables appeal to kids of all ages! We have a toddler area set up exclusively for kids 3 and under that has inflatables suited just for them! The sizes of our inflatables go up from there appealing to kids of all ages.

Q: What if we need to cancel?

A: Cancellations can be made by calling us at 865-407-0111 or by emailing us at allbounceevents@gmail.com.  Cancellations that need to be made due to inclement winter weather will be given a refund of the deposit and/or any pre-paid party payment amount. If you would like to reschedule your party to a different date or time, the deposit can be transferred to the new party date/time. Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable.

Q:  Can I get a refund if fewer children show up to my party than what we anticipated when booking my party?

A:  While you may add additional bouncers to your party for $8 each, we are unable to give refunds if fewer children come to your party than the number you reserved or anticipated.  This is due to staff being scheduled, supplies being purchased, and other potential parties turned away based on the party size you reserve.

Q: Are we responsible for damage to the units?

A: Yes and no. Because you are essentially renting all of the units at one time in addition to the facility, you are held to the same standards as our rental customers. This simply means that the only damage you would be held responsible for is that which is due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence, not normal wear and tear on our units.

Not seeing the answers to your questions?
Call us at (865) 407-0111 or email us at allbounceevents@gmail.com and we would be glad to help!


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